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Correlation between ultrasonographic findings and the response to corticosteroid injection in pes anserinus tendinobursitis syndrome in knee osteoarthritis patients.
In the musculature description of the Allouata, Schon (1968), tells the SM contributing in the as pes anserinus (Bursa anserinus) formation, being important in the animals locomotion, and also in helping the thigh flexion and abduction, and leg flexion.
102-14) showing the relationships among the branches of the pes anserinus was one of the factors in my conceptualizing and performing the anastomosis between the two facial nerves.
The pes bursa is a synovial lined sac that lies deep to the pes anserinus and superficial to the tibial attachment of the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the medial tibial plateau.
Complete release of the pes anserinus was not performed to gain ligament balance in this study.