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admitting of passage or entrance

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The introduction of Pervious Plus[TM] into the manufacturing process will allow Central Concrete Supply to enhance the workability of its pervious concrete and improve the durability of the finished product, providing value to both the contractor and the project owner.
Things like rain gardens, pervious pavement, rain water catchments and green roofs are just new," Webb said.
The patent-pending, multi-layered Replenish pervious precast system allows rainwater to flow through its surface, reducing flooding issues and sewer backups.
On the heels of patenting a precast pervious concrete system and related stormwater filtration methods, Minneapolis-based Percoa USA, LLC sees a range of commercial and residential market applications.
This project provides for the reconstruction of water main in alleys using pervious pavements in the Bee Branch Watershed.
76 million tonnes, up 9% on the pervious record set in 2002, and 25% above the drought-affected 2003 harvest, which will lead to strong growth of wine sales for at least two years.
The project generally consists of constructing a pocket park that includes a decorative pervious paver walk with wave pattern, 14 high x 4 wide concrete wall with a backlit aluminum art sculpture and a 34 long x 8 -6 high concrete masonry wall with backlit stainless steel panels.
49 on Pervious Concrete chairman, he has worked to advance the global application of ASTM pavement standards, and served as the primary author of the pivotal ASTM C1747, Test Method for Determining Potential Resistance to Degradation of Pervious Concrete by Impact and Abrasion.
In particular, management's slate of directors was confirmed, which included eight members from the pervious year's Board.
The work also includes the installation and/or modification of the stormwater management system, water system, sewer system, reclaimed water system, pavement, pervious pavement, sidewalks, curbing, landscaping, irrigation, hardscaping, street lights, installation of FPL conduit, restoration, utility coordination, and all related work, in compliance with the Contract Documents.
pervious concrete slab--complete with decorative aggregate and glass inlays and mix treatments imparting glow-in-the-dark effect.
This quarter's loss represents an 84% reduction in the loss from the third quarter 2004 amount, and a 70% reduction in the loss amount from the pervious quarter of 2005.
BSNL will endeavour to retain the last three digits of the pervious telephone numbers to the extent possible technically.
The Environmental Protection Agency's latest endorsement of pervious or permeable concrete pavements is reflected in a $492,000 grant funding nearly a third of San Francisco's Newcomb Model Block Streetscape Improvement Project.
For more information and a case study on Horn Group's pervious work with Geoffrey Moore, please visit http://www.