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Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict

Related Words

resistant to guidance or discipline

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

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Where Tacitus draws a curtain of discretion over the baser acts of his subjects, Suetonius unstintingly describes perversities that would make even some modern pornographers squirm with unease.
Many artists working today--those who challenge immigration law, deal with questions of sexuality and identity, or fight the perversities of political regimes--test legal boundaries.
The critiques of the conference by New Criterion Editor Roger Kimball and SUNY Trustee Candace de Russy dripped with disgus at the perversities celebrated there; de Russy's list of the horribles, in a March 1998 article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, included not only sadomasochism but anal sex, lesbianism, bisexuality, and female masturbation.
For Rambuss, the religious poetry of the metaphysicals (Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, Vaughan, Traherne), with its colliding themes of spirituality and carnality, explores devotion's intensities and perversities.
Tax law, lending regulations, and numerous perversities in planning, zoning, and tax codes, all contribute to some of the worst features of sprawl development: its waste of land, its artificial separation of functions (you can't walk down to the store or to a movie) and its transportation nightmares (work is further and further away-there are people in California who commute for four hours a day).
He tells the honest truth without blinking, or blushing, or pretending that our everyday perversities are matters for scandal--and tells it beautifully.