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Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict

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resistant to guidance or discipline

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

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This is a somewhat perverse decision and does not seem to give any recognition to the practice followed by this same council in the immediate past in its dealings with the rationalisation of schools in the county.
In Why the Law Is So Perverse, University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Leo Katz uses social-choice theory to analyze anomalies he attributes to the common law.
It seems to me perverse that this is deemed acceptable.
It is perverse that a section of the route through Greater London, clearly affecting large numbers of people, has been subject to so little environmental mitigation," he said.
The boy, whose story I am about to tell, was named Jack Perverse, and his nature was answerable to his name.
The trip in effect becomes a perverse pilgrimage," he added.
I accept its flaws despite the perverse situation it has inflicted on Cardiff.
Beyond that, he calls attention to the author's exposure of "the perverse infrastructure upon which our breakfast, lunch and dinner are built.
Dare I say that it is a cunning perverse incentive?
Wellman's sexual scenarios were quite perverse, so be prepared.
Further, not applying the rule creates perverse incentives by encouraging insureds to stop work immediately after an accident and to overstate the injury for fear that honest efforts to work will destroy eligibility for benefits.
Lionel gives Arbus entry into the netherworld of dwarves and misfits, all of whom, as seen by Shainberg, are a bit too apple-pie for the perverse world we associate with the photographer.
Santa Cruz incident as a further example of this hostile political climate is simply perverse.
Despite early faith in these allowances, a new generation of researchers soon drew attention to various shortcomings that arose from continued concern with perverse incentives and an emphasis on indirect support through tax credits that favored the middle classes.