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Synonyms for peruse

Synonyms for peruse

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examine or consider with attention and in detail

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An effort to put many of its treasured tomes into digital form will permit someone dialing in to peruse, for instance, the four oldest known manuscripts of Virgil's poetry or a hand-illustrated version of The Divine Comedy.
Its "Features" section posts such content as poetry, where visitors can actually hear prominent spoken-word poets or peruse works by lesser known poets and hobbyists.
Anyone accused of a DUI / DWI can peruse these websites for helpful information and for a qualified drunk driving lawyer in his or her area.
As visitors peruse vintage photos from the early 20th century, first-person accounts are heard from speakers overhead, and the stories are heart-rending - the terror of taking a train ride far from home, girls recalling weeping in the barber chair as their flowing locks were snipped off.
Today, anyone can do it: Peruse the data on the Net, download what intrigues you, and share it with others in your very own "cabinet of curiosities.
Case President Mark Richardson commented on the purpose of the idea center: "The idea center was created to enhance the remodeling experience for homeowners by making it easier for them to select a contractor, explore their ideas, talk with experts, review drawings and peruse our catalog of award-winning remodeling projects.
For further investor information, please contact Eric Montandon at 011 971 4 881 6142, peruse our News, or access our Web site at www.
So what happens if the parental-notification measure attracts a surge from the religious right, who peruse the ballot and influence everything?
Case has taken the initiative to serve as a resource by providing homeowners with tips and advice to make it easier to locate a contractor, talk with remodeling experts and peruse award-winning remodeling projects.
Celebrities and stylists will visit the eBay Fashion Suite to peruse the clothing, accessories and jewelry, and select a look to wear for the event.
Users are able to download free tools including the Web Historian tool; register for education classes; view marketing collateral; and peruse the abstracts of various Red Cliff presentations among many other features and functions on the website.
Some fall into the coffee-table category - beautiful to look at and peruse but beyond the realm of daily cooks interested in quick and easy.
All readers are urged to peruse SEC documents relative to the subject company before making any investment decision.
A piano player in a tux plays standards in the evenings, and as you're nursing a drink you can peruse the editorial cartoons, photos and other memorabilia from a heady age of the railroad boom in the West.
Alternatively, green consumers can peruse the Expo and learn about the many truly forward-thinking businesses and products that are in the green market today.