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He was perturbed when he entered that in which I awaited him, and I saw a worried expression upon his face.
It was as though she had been perturbed by a conviction that he might have construed her acquaintance with such men as Rokoff and Paulvitch as a personal reflection upon herself.
And right often have I, the modern, been perturbed and vexed by the foolishness, illogic, obtuseness, and general all-round stupendous stupidity of myself, the primitive.
He had to eat as he had never eaten before, to handle strange tools, to glance surreptitiously about and learn how to accomplish each new thing, to receive the flood of impressions that was pouring in upon him and being mentally annotated and classified; to be conscious of a yearning for her that perturbed him in the form of a dull, aching restlessness; to feel the prod of desire to win to the walk in life whereon she trod, and to have his mind ever and again straying off in speculation and vague plans of how to reach to her.
So he sat at table, perturbed by his own unfitness and at the same time charmed by all that went on about him.
He sat down to consider, listening to the silence of the forest and perturbed by it.
The supercilious glance which accompanied her ironically polite speech roused Polly, who answered with sudden color and the kindling of the eyes that always betrayed a perturbed spirit, "I don't think many of us would enjoy that selfish sort of peace, while little children starve, and girls no older than us kill themselves because their dreadful poverty leaves them no choice but sin or death.
Polly was never too sad, perturbed, or lazy to sing, for it was almost as easy to her as breathing, and seemed the most natural outlet for her emotions.
When he came back to where I waited I perceived that he was much perturbed, so perturbed as to forget the convention of the usual greetings.
I--I confess I hardly do understand," she hesitated, a perturbed but not frightened expression in her eyes.
More than that, he saw from her tone that she was not even perturbed at that, but as it were said straight out to him: "Yes, it's shut up, and so it must be, and will be in future.
A perturbed E/I balance has been implicated in the etiology of a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders.
Lastly, the true support of each frequent pattern is perturbed by adding Laplace noise.
They are disturbed and perturbed about the massive response our party president got in Kolkata yesterday.
Despite many news stories in the print media about the poor condition of the road, the CDA is least perturbed over the situation.