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Synonyms for pertly

in an impudent or impertinent manner

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Profession-wise, I'm Karady, in Jose's face so Karady says pertly, but upon uttering her name she sees with all too seeing eyes: her name falls from her mouth into the dust with a dull plop, right in front of the toes of Jose's well-polished boots (senhor oficial, my officer, Sir
Nicholas Watts (Ferrando) and Gavan Ring (Guglielmo) confirm the good impressions of their performances in last year's The Barber of Seville, as do Helen Sherman (Dorabella) and Ellie Laugharne (Despina, the sisters' pertly manipulative servant) from The Marriage of Figaro.
It packs some big-car features into a pertly styled body, features some classy engines that make great realworld economy and the interior's built better than you'd believe.
POSING pertly, Gracie is more than happy to be in the doghouse.
During those chatty evenings in the drawing room, Darcy begins trying to explain himself to her, but Elizabeth pertly rejects his overtures.
Canadians Judith Forst and Joshua Hopkins sang mellifluously and acted vividly as senior handmaiden Bianca and Roman commander Junius, and HGO Studio member Lauren Snouffer sang servant girl Lucia's high-lying music pertly As the commentary-providing Male and Female Choruses, Anthony Dean Griffey (HGO's Grimes in 2010) and Leah Crocetto upheld the ensemble s high standard of solid vocalism, verbal clarity and refined but affecting acting.
The politics of portraiture, in Recognition: PertLy Leason's Aboriginal Portraits, exh.
By the time he goes out, Clarina's impersonator, lying half dead, looks pertly up and, at this point, Alberto realizes that everything had been feigned.
Pauline Pinney, aerospace cluster manager at regional development agency Advantage West Midlands, said: "The Midlands represents almost a quarter of the UK's aerospace industry and is ex-x pertly positioned to respond to new aircraft programmes, with our 700 companies linked by common technologies, skills and integrated supply chain experience.
When he protests that he values her husband too much to linger with her, she pertly replies: "'Oh, that .
8) The high share of minerals in 2006-07 is pertly due to higher international mineral prices during that period.
It would be a woman sitting pertly dressed up in a brightly colored suit, matching scarf, and heels, or a man in Birkenstocks with a small statue of Buddha on his desk.
She exudes an authentic bygone aura with her bobbed hair and pertly primped shoulders.
In one such room in the Executive Inn show, that of Chris Lehmann (25627 Hwy 6, Benton, CA 93512), nice calcite (among other) specimens which Chris had dug were on view, and I picked up a pertly perfect, extremely attractive thumbnail for all of five dollars.