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the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty

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Adults assess the credibility of evidence according to "the nature of the case, the type of audience, the prevailing 'rules of evidence,' and the persuasiveness of the analyst" (Majone, 1989, p.
The rationalization explanation is my interpretation of the reasoning in the persuasiveness of impressions and what is at issue in the criticism Posidonius raised for Chrysippus's explanation.
Dr Dutton says: "We ranked them on persuasiveness, fearlessness, immunity to stress, egocentricity, rebelliousness, blaming others, impulsiveness and cold-heartedness.
Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: Content (20%)or the persuasiveness in telling the story based on the theme; Composition (20%) or the technical excellence and quality; Creativity and Originality (40%); and Artistic Merit or the wow factor (20%).
We see reflections of Davutoy-lu's general lack of persuasiveness in other factors as well.
In addition, our aim was to fill the gap in knowledge about whether or not argument quality and personal relevance may moderate the relative persuasiveness of narrative and statistical evidence.
Leadership skills - the ability to create a vision and articulate it with passion, clarity and persuasiveness.
The persuasiveness of the integrated advertisement message strategy is also statistically revealed to be significant.
Lead player David Dastmalchlan reportedly drew on his personal experiences In the lower depths while writing the screenplay, which may explain the uncommonly compelling persuasiveness of his bleak story's quotidian details.
It was his first journey to the Promised Land, though he could chronicle more than a decade's worth of trips he almost took, plans that fell through because of finances or family emergencies, because of health crises or the temporary persuasiveness of naysayers.
They suggest improving your persuasiveness by adapting your message to appeal to the type of person hearing it, or to include points that will resonate with both types of people.
presidents is associated with ratings by historians of overall greatness of presidencies, as well as high marks for public persuasiveness, crisis management, risk-taking, winning the popular vote and initiating legislation.
The persuasiveness of the 13 essays varies, as is often the case with collections.
He was a big man with a character and persuasiveness to match, and in late 1998 he caused another stir by winning what was then the most valuable order to date for security holograms, worth at least $130m, to supply holograms for Russian tax labels on alcoholic drinks, computers and consumer electronics.
Born on October 14, 1906 in the Nile Delta province of Beheira, al-Banna displayed early characteristics of leadership and persuasiveness.