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Synonyms for persuasive

Synonyms for persuasive

serving to convince

Antonyms for persuasive

intended or having the power to induce action or belief

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I'll tell you what," the manager went on persuasively.
She came nearer, and laid her hand persuasively on his arm.
Once more," she whispered, persuasively, "let us be friends.
According to your own account I'm not worth much,' Wegg reasons persuasively.
Four by four; practical methods for writing persuasively.
In his timeless book Speak to Win, world-renowned success expert Brian Tracy uses his knowledge of the techniques of the world's best speakers to reveal time-tested tricks you can use to present strongly and speak persuasively.
In the competition, students must persuasively argue an arbitration case based on complex aspects of international commercial law.
Common wisdom suggests that married priests would be a quick fix to the "vocation crisis," and many have argued persuasively for a change.
She will come across to some as an overzealous do-gooder, but she argues persuasively that companies, and society, can do better.
Shepard writes clearly and, on the whole, quite persuasively, and her argument should be readily accessible to non-specialists.
Starring a spectacularly emotional Naomi Watts and a controlled yet persuasively seething Edward Norton and shot in a gorgeous, remote section of China's Guangxi Province, the movie has a languid sensuality tempered by the kind of threadbare propriety the British are so good at keeping up.
The Globe argues persuasively that Bush's orders have "systematically eliminated or weakened rules designed to enforce the separation of church and state," citing government documents and interviews with aid recipients.
Generals In The Cabinet Room: How The Military Shapes Israeli Policy by Yoram Peri (Professor of Political Sociology And Communication at Tel Aviv University) forcefully and persuasively argues the premise that while once Israel's military was the servant of its civilian political leadership, today it is the Israeli generals who have the lead in foreign and defense policymaking.
Soul Journey From Lincoln To Lindbergh presents hundreds of similarities in the personalities, character, and life circumstances between Lincoln and Lindbergh, presenting an articulate, documented, persuasively iconoclastic argument that offers a unique and compelling reassessment of their lives, accomplishments, and coincidences.
Nancy Kalikow Maxwell (Administrator, Miami Dad College North Campus Library) draws upon more than 30 years of professional experience and expertise to argue persuasively that libraries and librarians have an underlying significant meaning and diverse contributions to society.