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Synonyms for persuader

someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on

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ABC and its members have long opposed the persuader rule because it eviscerates attorney-client privilege and infringes upon employers' right to free speech, freedom of association, and legal counsel.
The two parties, the persuader and the persuadee, participate in the context of persuasion.
The DOL signaled in January that it would send the persuader rule to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review by the end of April.
31) The successful Persuader must know how to craft his speech, his style (lexis) and arguments, presenting enthymemes and examples (paradeigmata) to move the emotions and judgments of his audience.
This interdisciplinary study draws upon history, literature, speech, religion, education, sociology, and psychology; essentially, however, it is an intellectual history of oral and written persuasion, with the central persuaders in this story being Lyman Beecher, William Ellery Channing, Catherine Beecher, Elizabeth Peabody, Sarah Josepha Hale, Catherine Sedgwick, Bronson Alcott, Horace Mann, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ward Beecher, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Louisa May Alcott--together with Charles Chauncy, Jonathan Edwards, James Freeman, Joseph Buckmaster, Timothy Dwight, and Jedediah Morse in the opening background chapter on the period from the Great Awakening through the post-Revolutionary era.
Artillery major, with one of the massive eight-inch Persuaders, insisted on passing through our forward area to somewhere several kilometers in front of us.
Tak's original Kubotan is still available, and has been copied by many companies; in my opinion the only good or even improved copy of the Kubotan is the Persuader and Persuader II, developed by Monadnok Lifetime Products, the firm that made the original Kubotans for the Shihan.
IT WAS unclear whether he needed to draw the persuader at any point a couple of days before the new whip rules came into force, but Frankie Dettori certainly seemed to be bonding well with Bambi - a yearling Miniature American Spot pony - at Newmarket on Dubai Future Champions Day last Saturday.
The underlying reporting obligations are often referred to as the "persuader" rule or the persuader reporting obligations.
IF anyone needs to be convinced of how atypical London has become in terms of the British economy, Toprak Mansion might be a powerful persuader.
If we can persuader them to trade up through advertising it will be good for us and our customers.
Douglis Ehninger in his book, "Principles and Types of Speech Communication," lists a number of other elements of persuasion and, as with Cialdini's principles, the persuader needs to have a basic psychological knowledge of his or her audience to be effective.
You have to be a politician, diplomat, persuader, good salesman.
When a salesperson has mastered these three roles - strategist, persuader, and common-sense sage - he has attained sales wisdom and become a Heavy Hitter.