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someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on

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Platforms that the RNZAF may consider include the P-1, P-8A and C-295 Persuader.
Department of Justice, the Labor Department's response to the lawsuit said the application of the rule on disclosure to advisers as well as direct persuaders had long been recognized--even by federal courts--as ambiguous.
The two parties, the persuader and the persuadee, participate in the context of persuasion.
The DOL signaled in January that it would send the persuader rule to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review by the end of April.
31) The successful Persuader must know how to craft his speech, his style (lexis) and arguments, presenting enthymemes and examples (paradeigmata) to move the emotions and judgments of his audience.
Past research examining superdiffusers has consistendy found that the extent to which one is a connector, persuader, and maven are all associated positively with argumentativeness, especially the persuader scale (Boster et al.
Even if (1) at times its language is technical and abstract and at other times its narrative becomes repetitive, (2) one might wish for more quantitative verification of the author's conclusions (for example, regarding the importance of the novel), and (3) one might wish for more discussion of the differences on theological ideas as opposed to the methods of communicating those ideas--and indeed of how the differences over the importance of the ideological differences impacts the communications methodology of the persuader, nevertheless the book is a noteworthy contribution.
The use of specific, rather than general, feedback by the persuader is also more valuable to the musician.
Both the 240-mm Persuader and the 155-mm Long Tom artillery battalions promoted the idea of "sniping" (deploying a single gun detachment forward, usually just behind the infantry battalions in action, to engage targets deep in enemy territory that had been identified from aerial photos).
Ethicists have struggled with such questions for thousands of years--and so has every persuader with a conscience.
The counselor was such a powerful persuader that he convinced the child's parents to allow him to be alone with their son, take him to baseball games, and on similar day trips.
Each Persuader installs easily as a single piece, using an adjustable-width mounting bracket that attached to the conveyor framework with two bolts on each end.
Tak's original Kubotan is still available, and has been copied by many companies; in my opinion the only good or even improved copy of the Kubotan is the Persuader and Persuader II, developed by Monadnok Lifetime Products, the firm that made the original Kubotans for the Shihan.
En brandissant cette arme, Londres espere persuader l'UE de laisser a ses banques le "passeport" leur permettant de continuer d'offrir leurs services a travers le bloc, ajoute la meme source.
ABC has opposed the persuader rule since it was first proposed in 2011, expressing concerns through: comments and a letter submitted to the Labor Department in 2011 and 2014; a late-2015 letter to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) from a coalition of business groups, including 29 ABC chapters; and, a meeting with OIRA officials earlier this year.