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being susceptible to persuasion

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However, there is a sign that Kim-II Un might be more persuadable than his father.
But with a highly polarized electorate, campaigns have increasingly seen these programs as a way for their candidates to reach persuadable voters who don't follow every ebb and flow of the presidential race, said political scientist Stephen Farnsworth, an expert on media and politics.
According to the Atlantic, a new study by market-research firm called Qualtrics, working with public-opinion shop Evolving Strategies, did a controlled experiment testing the reactions of independent and persuadable voters to ads from Romney, Obama, and a Republican super PAC.
Attracting their allegiance has been crucial to capturing a parliamentary majority, as rural voters have been less persuadable in their ballot preferences.
He or she needs to be accepted, is "other-directed," is highly persuadable, tends to be passive in lovemaking, has a reservoir of people-pleasing talents (releases tension with good humor, is sensitive and kind, is the "good guy"), performs well in social tasks, and has average psychological health.
And these advances, along with the widespread availability of detailed "micro-targeting" databases of information on voters--have enabled campaigns to much more effectively and economically target persuadable voters within districts rather than relying on district-wide campaign communication.
Boldizzoni's work will likely appeal to readers who already share his perspective, but offers less to a potentially persuadable audience.
The report added that of the 262 cases logged by the ACC as persuadable between 2006 and 2010, 151 are still in court while 14 are with the Prosecutor General.
Austen desires characters and readers who, with wise affection, become persuadable.
Religious communities of all faiths should be readily persuadable that this is a worthy goal.
According to Fitch (2003), within a cultural community, there is a range of action and belief that are persuadable.
We have made progress by persuading the persuadable center that our loves and our families pose no harm to others, no threat to mainstream values.
The 2009 Education Next-PEPG Survey of Public Opinion (see "The Persuadable Public," features, Fall 2009) asked public school teachers about their views on education reforms their unions work tirelessly against, among them, charter schools and merit pay.
We have to talk to every registered voter that is Democrat, Independent, or persuadable Republican.
About 37pc of those leaning towards Labour are still persuadable the other way and a massive 77pc of might-be Liberal Democrats admit that they may yet have their heads turned.