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Synonyms for perspicacious

Synonyms for perspicacious

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Synonyms for perspicacious

acutely insightful and wise

Related Words

mentally acute or penetratingly discerning

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Said perspicaciously identified and expounded upon a long-established tendency by Westerners to appropriate the achievements of the rest of the world--namely those of "the East"--while at the same time constructing highly misleading caricatures of other peoples, cultures, and religions.
Martha Rosier perspicaciously outlined the ideological and institutional motives behind such border policing nearly three decades ago in relation to the art-world ascendancy of video.
But then again, love along with anger can cause us all to behave less perspicaciously than we might otherwise.
To see through to the 'will to deceive'--the spirited force which reckons existence to possess a higher Apollonian splendour-is to see perspicaciously and thus see through the necessity of suffering (Schopenhauer).
9) Ranjani Mazumdar in her critique of Bombay cinema perspicaciously compares the experience of this cinema with Benjamin's flaneur in a shopping arcade.
Sitting at the back porch of the house in the Khamovniki alley, the young men listened to the words of Tolstoy, "so overwhelming and perspicaciously penetrating, so convincing in their inexorable logic and so moving with their endless love for all people [.
Rimbaud's "Effares" follows a kind of surprisingly Parnassian logic of poetic depersonalization, whereas the Hugolian hypotexts place the lyrical "je" front and center--a foregrounding of the lyrical subject that results in representations of poverty and poetry that render legible the poet's insistent, unconscious inscription of his social difference and distance from the impoverished, his emotional voyeurism, if not, as Murphy perspicaciously suggests (Strategies 110-15), his occasional (ironic) deafness to the speech of the poor: "Et je regardais, sourd a ce que nous disions, / sa bure oU je voyais des constellations.
Much of the credit for this transformation goes to CVS Caremark CEO Larry Merlo, who correctly and perspicaciously identified the PBM's weaknesses, foremost among them the lack of synergies with the CVS drug chain, and challenged his organization to fix them.
2) perspicaciously pointed out that whosoever specifies the environment is ultimately responsible for all ensuing behavior that takes place there.
On the one hand, such a dystopia may also be presented to us as the logical extrapolation of the narrator's apparent numbness to human suffering; on the other hand, it may be presented as perspicaciously hopeless, after all, given the prospect that the only alternative the novel has entertained, John Canty as wholly other, affords as little potential to change this world as Injun Joe does to change Petersburg.
Once again, a sturdy American paradox was reaffirmed, one that was articulated perspicaciously 62 years ago by an iconoclastic cultural critic named Gershon Legman.
Among Cervantes scholars, Creel has described Don Quixote's condition most perspicaciously.
Here the distrust of a spatial conceit of depth gets at the perspicaciously blunt intelligence of the book as a whole, but also gives a taste of its frustrating doubletalk.
Chapman perspicaciously notes that Coleridge's relationships with other women seem erotic and that they seem to have directed her aesthetic projects:
This article is dedicated with gratitude and admiration to the women who courageously, openly and perspicaciously shared the testimonies highlighted herein.