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Synonyms for personify

Synonyms for personify

to represent (an abstraction, for example) in or as if in bodily form

Synonyms for personify

invest with or as with a body


Related Words

represent, as of a character on stage

attribute human qualities to something

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As a trailblazer in background removal technology for immersive collaboration, Personify has played a strong role in helping us showcase the incredible new capabilities offered by Intel RealSense technology.
Thurston said, I m excited to be part of the Personify team at this point in the company s history.
Eric Thurston, President of Personify said, Devang has a proven track record for strengthening service solutions by focusing on quality, innovation and client satisfaction.
For a minimum $1 donation, Better Dayz can be downloaded from Personify Entertainment with all proceeds to The Artist Collaborative at www.
He will be responsible for Personify's sales activities and report directly to the company's President, Eric Thurston, who said : 'I'm excited to have Bob join Personify s executive team.
BOSTON, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- At Microsoft TechEd 2006, Personify Design delivers the first version of its new Team Solutions suite of collaboration tools designed to enable better visibility and communication among all members of a software development team.
Grey retired just four years ago and through her recent roles came to personify the ideal grandmother to many French.
These individuals personify dedication and perseverance of vision in the electronic components industry, traits synonymous with Dr.
Nasdaq: MPLX), a leading advertising technology company today announced an agreement with Personify, Inc.
The music had to personify Mary's personality," said Frank Cammarata, director of music/entertainment for the CBS Radio Networks.
Their 1967 smash hits "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit" provided the soundtrack to the Summer of Love, virtually inventing the era's signature pulsating psychedelic music, and came to personify the decade's radical counterculture.
This is the second consecutive year that Personify has won a Crossroads A-List award.
PayPal, the first and largest Web-based payment network, will be working with Personify to evaluate the results of new product launches and affiliated e-marketing campaigns.
Winney served as SVP of Business Development for Personify Inc.