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imitating the mannerisms of another person

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through personation rather than by developing systems of ideas abstracted from the dramatic action" ("Personations: The Taming of the Shrew and the Limits of Theoretical Criticism" Early Modern Literary Studies 2, no.
Poetaster, 3-19, Matthew Steggle, Wars of the Theatres: The Poetics of Personation in the Age of Jonson; English Literary Studies 75 (Victoria, BC: 1998), 35-39; James P.
Such representations are informed by Hobbes's notion of personation and offer a 'realist' contrast to the dangerous fictions of his constitutional theory.
Speaking collectively about all the accused, a CBI statement said: "The accused have been charge sheeted for offences of criminal conspiracy, cheating, cheating by personation, forgery of valuable security, forgery for the purpose of cheating, using a forged document as genuine, falsification of accounts and for causing disappearance of evidence.
Eighteen employees were charged with ID theft, false personation and false documentation.
Readers interested in the broader issues raised by this short-lived but intense rivalry between the two satirists and its major sites of contention in the drama of the period will prefer Matthew Steggle's Wars of the Theaters: The Poetics of Personation in the Age of Jonson (1998).
A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took just over an hour to unanimously agree that Hussain was guilty on two counts of personation.
31) A week later the critic at The Age had changed his mind, saying he was looking forward to witnessing the spectacle: 'he had much better have selected Mungo for the opening part, though by the by, we expect to laugh heartily at his personation of the noble Moor'.
decidedly theatrical terms, positing personation as the model of
This exercise left Horn with the ineradicable impression that Huppert had engaged in an act of "self-impersonation," a rich term in that it conveys the imitation and imposture, the self-alienation or no-ownership approach to personal properties, which lie at the very basis of personation, while at the same time it reminds us that for each of the personae, no original exists.
We have also appointed an experienced officer to oversee and co-ordinate the criminal investigation of any allegations of electoral fraud or personation brought to our attention by the Acting Returning Officers.
A Cheshire Police spokesman said: ``Following a full and thorough investigation into allegations concerning voting irregularities in the local elections held in June 2004 for the Castlefield ward, Cheshire Police can confirm that a detailed file relating to the allegations of personation under the Pilot Act 2004 and of forgery have been forwarded to the DPP offices in York for consideration.
A Cheshire Police spokesman said: ``Cheshire police can confirm that a detailed file relating to the allegations of personation and of forgery have been forwarded to the DPP offices.
And a large proportion of those are in west Belfast, where a series of personation incidents have been detected in the past.