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The goal of the latter, he suggests, is to acquire a sufficient mass of mobile property or personalty to be able to transform it into real property, to acquire titles and hereditary entitlements and to become "the staple ring of the chain, by which the present will become connected with the past; and the test and evidence of permanency afforded" (10:25).
Apply Federal-aid appraisal requirements including tenant-owned improvements, uneconomic remnants, realty and personalty, and compensable items
These successes were as much a triumph for the cult of personalty as for the nature of team spirit.
Fifty-one undergraduate students received course credit for completing the IRAS, the Beck Depression Inventory, the Eysenck Personalty Inventory, and Spielberger's State and Trait Anxiety Scales.
American hero, renaissance man, and arguably NASA's greatest spokesperson, Story Musgrave's remarkable personalty, determination, and talent shine through in this inspirational accounting of his life and work.
She told television personalty Paula Zahn it was not love at first sight, but added that Stevens' personality and love of animals soon won her over.
I want to wake up and read that 10,000 Palestinian mothers marched on Hamas headquarters to demand that their sons and daughters never again be recruited for suicide bombings; that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah invited Ariel Sharon to his home to personalty hand him the Abdullah peace plan and Sharon responded by freezing Israeli settlements as a goodwill gesture; that Dick Cheney has apologized to the UN and all our allies for being wrong about W.
Property taxes paid by businesses are usually levied on two types of tangible assets: realty (land and buildings) and personalty (machinery, equipment, and inventories).
191) Moreover, the ability of the ICTY and the ICTR to prosecute individuals reflects a growing trend in international law to expand the legal personalty of individuals.
With respect to office buildings and retail establishments, this would be tenant improvement work and other various interior improvements that would not be classified as personalty.
The 1860 census is better suited to this purpose because its schedule for free inhabitants included property values for both realty and personalty, while the 1850 census showed only real estate.
In Hospital Corporation of America and Subsidiaries, 109 TC 21(1997), the Tax Court found that certain items connected or related to a hospital facility retained their status as personalty while others had become realty through constituting structural components.
Securities Over Personalty (Sydney: Federation Press, 1994) 192.
Herb Minnaert of Canyon Country and Dave Reynolds have followed the colorful Fuzzy Zoeller and know a few things about Zoeller's personalty.