personality assessment

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a questionnaire that is supposed to yield a description of a person's personality traits

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Starting with accurate, objective insights their consultants gain from the proprietary, time-tested personality assessment, the Caliper Profile, Caliper helps clients create solutions that are tailored, practical and adaptable.
When people lose their jobs for reasons that are out of their control, it's a perfect time for them to look at their interests, real career needs, work style and definitions of a satisfying career with the help of a personality assessment.
The most of business companies for instance, use personality assessment to aid in hiring new employees [10].
Overall, the present commentary aims to describe our experience with using personality assessment to enhance the professional development of our residents.
Utilizing personality assessment results, managers can adapt their style to best lead and motivate employees in ways that fit their employees' working styles.
All of these can typically be described and understood through a quality personality assessment.
Personality Assessment And Problem-specific Measures, As Appropriate.
Nevertheless, the research on the selected personality traits with regard to the application of direct personality assessment by self-report personality tests is practically non-existent.
This was not the case during the "hallmark" years of assessment (19601990) when articles on the educational, practica, and internship aspects of assessment permeated the literature in publications like Journal of Clinical Psychology, Professional Psychology, and Journal of Personality Assessment (e.
More than 3 million potential employees at 25,000 companies have taken the personality assessment test he developed.
Hogan Assessment Systems is a leader in personality assessment and leadership development.
Meanwhile, patients with borderline features--defined as a score of at least 38 points on the Personality Assessment Inventory-Borderline Features Scale--were significantly more depressed and had higher problematic drug use (43.
Employment screeners use several personality assessment tools during the application process.
For instance, psychologists have generally considered only their training suitable for the administration of some tests (Society for Personality Assessment, 2006; Turner et al.