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Synonyms for personality

Synonyms for personality

the combination of emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities that distinguishes an individual

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Perhaps the psychologists of the book will find fault with my way of using the phrase, "disassociation of personality.
In my sleep it was not my wake-a-day personality that took charge of me; it was another and distinct personality, possessing a new and totally different fund of experiences, and, to the point of my dreaming, possessing memories of those totally different experiences.
Never mind what a personality is but go on--and, Peter, you young ass, keep still.
I DO know what personality is, but it's hard to explain," said the Story Girl, relenting.
It is true that, under existing conditions, a few men who have had private means of their own, such as Byron, Shelley, Browning, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, and others, have been able to realise their personality more or less completely.
Indeed, so completely has man's personality been absorbed by his possessions that the English law has always treated offences against a man's property with far more severity than offences against his person, and property is still the test of complete citizenship.
Beneath his painful shyness something was growing up within him, and obscurely he realised his personality.
Suddenly I found myself face to face with the young man whose personality had so strangely stirred me.
The first is the appearance of a new medium for art, and the second is the appearance of a new personality for art also.
In time his slender personality faded, the scene that he had evoked endured.
But this is hardly the place to enter on a story of that kind," he observed, looking round at the room with a faint smile as attractive as the rest of his rustic but well-bred personality.
As to the Captain, I was struck on closer view by the perfect correctness of his personality.
He was like those saintly men whose personality is lost in the contemplation of their faith.
Not without reason, for, like any really charming personality, she was very difficult to picture.
1813) flow from the same sources- the circumstances of his birth, education, and life- that made his personality what it was and from which the actions for which they blame him (the Holy Alliance, the restoration of Poland, and the reaction of 1820 and later) also flowed?