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But these are two high-quality individuals and the fact of the matter is, in the real world, personal relationships can and do happen.
On the other hand, a personal relationship is about how both parties feel about each other, the respect and trust they have for each other and a fulfilling social interaction between the two.
com announced on Monday that it has enhanced its Personal Relationship Manager (PRM) service and now allows users to manage e-mail accounts, as well as social network updates, in one place at no charge.
Foundations of particular interest to the current research are drawn from the limited marketing channels literature addressing buyer-seller relationships in circumstances where a personal relationship is present.
Let me once again emphasize that I'm quite happy about the way our personal relationship develops," Medvedev said later.
Fenland District Council recognises that employees who work together may form personal friendships and in some cases close personal relationships,'''' says the policy.
Fraternization, generally, refers to personal relationships between officer and enlisted members that are unduly familiar.
Structure of this paper: Section 2 presents some basic issues related to personal relationship in dyadic business exchanges.
The history of their relationship and mutual business growth dovetails with their personal relationship choices and lifemates.
I always believed you should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and thought if I did have one, he'd be someone without judgment or finger-wagging.
The essays of Laura Tabili, Benjamin Lammers and Nicolleta Gullace speak directly to this issue, teasing out the manner in which interactions between people with a generally uncomplicated claim to Britishness and those whose alien status marked them as different help historians to better understand the ways in which native Britons and immigrants alike conceived of their personal relationship to the nation-state.
I think that was the biggest thing I wanted to work on, for them to know me better and for myself, as a head coach, to get to know them at a level where I feel I have a personal relationship with the guys.
Each chapter in the book covers a separate facet of gardening, starting with a gardener's personal relationship with a patch of ground and moving on to the basic framework for any garden, plants for building on that framework, the use of art objects, and how a garden changes with the seasons.
Develop personal relationship with dealer staff who know teachers' preferences for various materials.
If we fail to keep these three tied together we will end up preaching "a personal relationship with Jesus.
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