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On the other hand, a personal relationship is about how both parties feel about each other, the respect and trust they have for each other and a fulfilling social interaction between the two.
Foundations of particular interest to the current research are drawn from the limited marketing channels literature addressing buyer-seller relationships in circumstances where a personal relationship is present.
Let me once again emphasize that I'm quite happy about the way our personal relationship develops," Medvedev said later.
Fraternization, generally, refers to personal relationships between officer and enlisted members that are unduly familiar.
2) Yet even within this recent historiography, as Richard Grassby's impressively researched exploration of the role of personal relationships in the English-dominated world of business has shown us, the history of family and kinship remains a vital strategy for making sense of large historical processes, in this case, that of emergent capitalism in the making of the Atlantic world.
If we fail to keep these three tied together we will end up preaching "a personal relationship with Jesus.
Few fundraisers would ask a welt-heeled donor for a major gift without first studying the donor's background, identifying his or her special interests, and methodically cultivating a personal relationship.
The 7th Circuit noted that Faith Works "encourages the offender to establish a personal relationship with God through the mediation of Jesus Christ.
A mutually productive, sustainable distribution partnership requires a good personal relationship and competent execution of the basic tasks required to do business.
Despite this, and the continual abuse from her mentally ill parents and others, she grew in her faith through a painful search for a personal relationship with God.
A defendant convicted of murder and kidnapping petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus claiming his confinement pursuant to a parole revocation was retaliation by the state corrections department for both his personal relationship with the former deputy director for interstate parole services, and their public criticisms of the department for the handling of another case.
If the intangible value of client and customer relationships belongs to the individual providing the personal relationship, then the corporation's distributions of clients or customers and any contracts with these individuals are not taxable events.
This guidebook delves into everything: recruiting, interviewing, reference checking, training, being a good manager, maintaining a good working and personal relationship, and solving common problems that might arise.
Gazooba will work with ePrize to provide sweepstakes and lotto promotions as part of Gazooba's personal relationship marketing programs.
In one recent New York Times op-ed, headlined "Monica Lewinsky, Career Woman," Katie Roiphe complained that we lack a term for "the opposite of sexual harassment, when a person of less power uses her sexual attractiveness or a personal relationship with a person of greater power to get ahead.
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