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Siraj Durrani also clarified that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) neither had any personal relation with SSP Malir, Rao Anwar, nor was he enjoyed any special support.
She referred to the personal relation that the contestants and the judges shared and fuelled a controversy that the competition might have been rigged.
Considering that it is necessary for the child to maintain a personal bond with both of his parents, in order to maintain his/hers physical and moral balance, the article of the Criminal Code sanctions (at the second paragraph), the action of the person that has legal custody of the child, to repeatedly prevent the parents from having a personal relation with the minor, as agreed by the parts or by the competent juridical authority.
In this memoir of that year, he reflects on his personal relation to the political and social processes in the United States that brought him to Libya, including his developing anti-war politics and his coming to grips with his own sexuality, as well as the politics of the Libyan revolution as it impacted the presence of the Peace Corps, which was accused by the Qaddafi regime of harboring CIA agents.
Assad told the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat in an interview to be published Tuesday that his personal relation with Saudi
In time, perhaps, her adolescent faith will move beyond a private, personal relation to the divine to a communal faith in the Body of Christ.
It breathes a deeply personal relation of the compiler and his chosen subject, and shows his unique knowledge of the field.
Faith Works' staffers, meanwhile, are expected to attend church services and are asked to counsel participants on developing a personal relation ship with God through Jesus.
In Enten Eller ( Either - Or, 1843), he discusses the razor - edge decision made by man's free will, which determines his personal relation to God.
The cold equation between Kapoor and Khan is obvious due to their personal relation with respect to Kaif and if the "Barfi
Mohammad and the King of Spain Juan Carlos during the visit was friendly and intimate, reflecting the appreciation of King Carlos to Kuwait and his personal relation with the Kuwaiti leadership.
He speculates on controversial Renaissance topics, such as why this or that writer favored one or another Renaissance composer -- in the case of Bartoli, Ockeghem and Josquin -- or neglected another -- Arcadelt in favor of Verdelot, with whom Bartoli had a personal relation.
He admitted that despite differences with policies and actions of Nawaz, his personal relation with him remained intact.
I have no personal relation whatsoever with the three members of the Senate, and I may even applaud if they are formally charged before the Ombudsman and found guilty after a fair trial.
Replying to questions of Dr Fawzia about themes of gender and personal relations in his poems, Dr Akhtar referred to Ted Hughes who once said that it's very difficult for him to write poems about personal relations and that he could not write a poem on his mother.
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