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a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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The Xerox Digital Desktop Organizer is priced at $495, and the Xerox Digital Personal Organizer is $299.
Follow these tax tips from Day Runner, the leading maker of personal organizers, to ensure Uncle Sam won't be paid more than his fair share.
The ALVA MPO 5500 combines a GSM cell phone, personal organizer, SMS, notetaker and Braille display.
Southern California-based Day Runner (NASDAQ: DAYR), the leading retail marketer of personal organizers, recently released Time Plus, a PIM designed to work with personal organizers and planners.
Those include the award-winning BDicty Dictionary Reader dictionary series, games such as NetWalk and Karateka, the Wall Street Financial Assistant business calculator, the Woman Calendar personal organizer and many others.
Working prototypes of Day Runner's Personal Organizer with TImeRunner(TM) and the Executive Weekly with Data Bank are on display at the National Office Products Association Show (NOPA).
For instance, by using XDA II with a Bluetooth-enabled headset, a user can discuss meeting dates and view their personal organizer for dates.
Personal Organizer with Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Written and
The LG VX3100 functions as a personal organizer with a phone book that stores 199 names with up to five entries, a calendar with scheduler and a built-in alarm clock.
com), a free online personal organizer that allows individuals to maintain schedules, tasks and contact lists.
a personal organizer and planner company, has been elected to The Sports Club Company's Board of Directors.
Solomon created one of the first successful personal information managers, which was subsequently acquired by Borland International, and became the basis for Borland's highly successful Sidekick personal organizer software.
More recently, for "Bay Area Now 4" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, she fabricated a convincing replica of San Francisco's Kate Spade store, stocked with handbags, personal organizers, and shoes, and accompanied by a loungey sound track.
handspring, com) was created by the group that invented the Palm Pilot series of personal organizers.
Featured among Royal's product line up is an array of shredders PDAs, personal organizers, digital picture frames, calculators, desk accessories, time and cash management systems, laminators and postal scales.
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