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IT IS with great regret that I note Minister for Education and Skills Leighton Andrews has chosen to respond to my letter of May 17 in such a personal manner (You Say, May 22).
SIR - It is with great regret that I note Minister for Education and Skills Leighton Andrews has chosen to respond to my letter of May 17 in such a personal manner (Letters, May 22).
Jastreboff, who with his wife, Margaret, has treated hundreds of misophonia patients, said the personal manner in which we experience music makes it difficult to identify as a misophonia trigger, particularly as having a distaste for certain musical genres is pretty much a universal experience.
Our gratitude goes to Father Rook for conducting the service in a dignified and personal manner.
This matter leaves my desk in a personal manner Your Majesty and I make my request as such.
We have worked together to bring about some important new features, such as integrating to the Cisco UCCX to help sales and service reps identify the caller and greet them in a more personal manner.
International corporations can connect with their executives and partners with more convenience than ever, key clients can be contacted in this more personal manner to foster more productive relationships, employee training can be conducted more cost-effectively without the need for them or instructors to travel, which also extends into higher education -- students can get easier access to the best instructors through cutting-edge technology.
Abdul Rahman Falaknaz Its future success resides in providing retailers with an engaging and interactive solution that would help them connect with the customers in a more personal manner.
Strive to rememberand acknowledge--each returning customer in a personal manner.
Our stores provide us the opportunity to engage with our consumer in a very personal manner through a premium experience.
He came to the project of writing this book reluctantly, then warmed to the task as he shaped the material in a highly personal manner.
Domingo appears genuinely passionate about music, in an endearing and personal manner.
Patsy Cline" Becky Barta is in it, portraying the great singer with the beautiful voice, appealing but no-nonsense personal manner and tragic fate.
His goal is to introduce the material and the logic in a personal manner that retains the necessary rigor while explaining the underlying notions sufficiently that students can begin solving problems of their own immediately.
The main thrust is to harmonize the combined expertise of marketing, game designing and programming professionals to create less expensive and swiftly deployable, highly enjoyable advergames that send the corporate message across in a personal manner.
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