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Eschewing the traditional duality of frank private discussions and restrained public commentary, he aggressively advocated his case openly and bluntly, and did so in an increasingly personal manner.
I chose it to express my curiosity in the most direct and personal manner, and my preoccupation for--and love of--life, which, as I see it, all art has been expressing for thousands of years.
The book is written in an engaging, personal manner using humor and personal anecdotes to demonstrate enlightening life lessons.
Engelhardt's mild personal manner belies the heart of a lion.
We hope the 2015 Write Aberdeen collection will get below the surface and express the cities in a more personal manner, allowing residents of both Aberdeen and Regensburg to get to know what life is like in their twin city.
Customer power will be the driving force behind a digital revolution, one in which mobility, social media, big data and cloud computing converge to anticipate and meet customer needs in a hyper-connected and personal manner.
When candidates are deeply entrenched in the interview process, there is often a very human desire to connect with the audience they are speaking with in a more personal manner.
SIR - It is with great regret that I note Minister for Education and Skills Leighton Andrews has chosen to respond to my letter of May 17 in such a personal manner (Letters, May 22).
When she was writing the book, friends and colleagues encouraged Mabry to write in a conversational style so that readers--whether students or teachers--would feel as if they were being addressed in a personal manner.
Jastreboff, who with his wife, Margaret, has treated hundreds of misophonia patients, said the personal manner in which we experience music makes it difficult to identify as a misophonia trigger, particularly as having a distaste for certain musical genres is pretty much a universal experience.
Our gratitude goes to Father Rook for conducting the service in a dignified and personal manner.
In his new work, Anwar Saeed approaches this question of identity in a personal manner.
This matter leaves my desk in a personal manner Your Majesty and I make my request as such.
executive director and founder of ISIS, explains, "Mobile has proven to be an effective way to reach teens in a confidential, personal manner.
We have worked together to bring about some important new features, such as integrating to the Cisco UCCX to help sales and service reps identify the caller and greet them in a more personal manner.