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a judgment rendered against an individual (or corporation) for the payment of money damages

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Even if you take it down to the level of the human element producing these journalistic materials, the journalist or the opinion writer, you cannot expect him or her to be 'totally' free of bias and personal judgments.
Another slip-up against relegation-threatened Bolton would surely have proved AVB's last stand - especially with owner Roman Abramovich sitting in the stand casting personal judgment over events.
An opinion is a personal judgment based on the knowledge or beliefs the person has at that point in time.
CRAIG LEVEIN admits today's Hampden clash with the Czech Republic will be his personal Judgment Day.
Each volume in the series is devoted to economists whose work is in the same broad area--groupings which involved editorial decision-making and some personal judgment when subject areas overlapped.
Erickson went on to explain that, with regard to addiction, many people are skeptical over the status of addiction as a "disease" because they experience those who call themselves addicts when their issue is actually one of misuse or abuse, due perhaps but not exclusively to bad personal judgment.
In addition, we have created in some cases a culture which has under-valued the contribution to be made from skilled practitioners exercising their personal judgment.
Many architects still downplay the direct relationship between personal judgment and visual discrimination (the 'I' and the 'eye').
My own childhood antics force me to contain personal judgment.
The author also emphasizes that teachers need to use their own personal judgment in meeting each student's needs, making creative adjustments to suit circumstances and unpredictable situations.
But unlike Freedom House, the reference point which led me to make a personal judgment of the Arab World is the very fact that I live, breathe and ingest the Middle East every day, and hence do not need any figures and statistics, nor do I need to conduct any arithmetic and number crunching, not to mention the need to arrive at percentages.
When trying to make a personal judgment, readers should also consider what both approaches might mean to the United States, the people of Afghanistan, and the region.
Mr Brown's personal judgment was called into question when one of his closest aides, Damian McBride, was forced to quit after planning false smears against senior Tories.
So we hope his years of European exile have taught him a thing or two about personal judgment.
But both present problems for the candidates -- Wright for his incendiary sermons and controversial remarks that have raised questions about Obama's beliefs and his personal judgment, and Bush for his low approval ratings that hurt the GOP in the 2006 elections and may well do so again in 2008.
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