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a judgment rendered against an individual (or corporation) for the payment of money damages

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Paul Sherlock, a British-Irish expatriate, said it was ultimately a personal judgement call.
Blackmore thus shows the extent to which the encounter between doctor and ex-soldier was a profoundly unequal one, involving moral and personal judgement in the interstices of medical knowledge.
Anyway, clear lack of personal judgement aside, Brand's a funny bloke and that's why he's still here and why you've bothered to read this far.
The balancing act between safety and efficiency is a very tricky one, but we need to give our security agents manning the passenger and crew checkpoint the power to use their own personal judgement at all times.
Catholic education equips its students to enter into a pluralist society with wisdom and discernment, with principles and virtues, rather than with the purely political values of tolerance and the suspension of personal judgement.
It was a drama including a suspicious death at the beginning, leading to a mystery story, encouraging the audience to make their personal judgement on whom they thought was the guilty party.
But Eriksson clearly prefers to rely on instinct, experience and personal judgement - and that meant 35-year-old Martyn starting.
effeminacy, a personal judgement that bolstered the Anglican Broad
The suit also claimed that Shalala's actions unlawfully substituted her personal judgement for that of medical professionals.
Obviously he wields considerable power and his personal judgement carries a lot of weight, but the whole process is open to public scrutiny and has to be seen to be fair.
The law also extends beyond the county where the original property is located and acts as any other personal judgement.
Based on principle and personal judgement, this book goes back to the essence of human behaviour to build trust in our ability to behave ethically.
Then make a personal judgement on the important matters of the day, in the quiet of your living room using your own internal voice and in doing so show our children that pride in oneself comes from dedicated work, hard won experience and devotion and service to a very worthy cause.
It is just municipality officials taking a personal judgement on things and nothing more.
Cannabis distorts the sense of the passage of time which can affect general performance and personal judgement.
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