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the income received by a single individual

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For both the national and regional accounts, personal income is defined as the sum of wage and salary disbursements, supplements to wages and salaries, proprietors' income with inventory and capital consumption adjustments, rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment, personal dividend income, personal interest income, and personal current transfer receipts, less contributions for government social insurance.
But during the same quarter, total personal income in the state's real estate sector saw the biggest percentage drop in the entire country.
Increases in per capita personal income ranged from 2.
PCPI is the result of dividing personal income (the sum of all receipts by Hoosiers as a result of working, owning capital, or receiving certain government transfers such as social security or unemployment compensation) by the total population.
7 trillion, while per capita personal incomes have grown 5-fold, from $6,329 to $31,384.
The advantage of using a cost-of-living measure to limit state spending growth is that it is not as cyclical as personal income.
The increase in South Dakota's personal income was driven in large part by the gain in wages and salaries.
But during periods when the top personal income tax rate fell, the economy grew at an above-average 3.
Over time, reliance on the personal income tax has increased much more quickly than reliance on any other state tax source.
1) Others have pointed to the less gloomy trend in BEA's real per capita personal income and argued that the slowing in wage growth probably was more related to changing work arrangements and life styles and that economic policy changes were not warranted.
The estimates of wages and salaries for 1994 that were included in the preliminary annual estimates of State personal income presented in the April 1995 Survey of Current Business were based on the UI tabulations for only the first three quarters of the year.
Most of the effects of the earthquake on personal income were embedded in the source data that were used to make the estimates; where they were not, BEA made adjustments to account for the effects.
Growth was driven by collections of personal income tax, up 10.
The annual revision of the State estimates of personal income incorporates results from the annual revision of the national income and product accounts (NIPA'S) that was published in the July 1994 SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS.
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