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the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity

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Personal identity management is a security solution that ensures the accessibility of resources to authorized individuals in a multi-technology environment.
Evaluate him for a far more critical and sensitive role - what is the personal identity that he is bringing along, how miscible yet unique will it be, so as to churn in with the rest of the personal identities that will soon aggregate to become the culture of your company.
Results revealed that, unlike the previous model, one of our control variables, personal identity, was a significant predictor of activism scores, [beta], = .
It is the DoD s Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 authorized personal identity verification cards.
Those looking for a grand overarching thesis on the topic of the history of self-consciousness and personal identity, however, will be disappointed.
Consciousness and personal identity are at the intersection of various sub-fields such as theology, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, and law.
Olson writes that accounts of personal identity over time fall into two broad categories: there are "complex" views according to which personal identity consists in something else, whereas the "simple" view denies that our persistence or identity over time consists in anything.
The assumptions allow us to concentrate more specifically on the issues of personal identity and personality.
The technology allows for the possibility to sign documents by means of an electronic signature in the bank's electronic banking system Eta Bankas; electronic signature certificates are therein contained in a Personal Identity Card of the individual at the Republic of Lithuania.
Personal identity and fractured selves; perspectives from philosophy, ethics, and neuroscience.
But some commentators have taken his own remarks to the extreme of considering Hume's account of personal identity as an example of a complete philosophical failure.
The second autobiographical tradition I have in mind, however, is one without which it would never even occur to us to think of Augustine and Rousseau in connection with Burroughs: the tradition by which the literary or poetic work in general comes to be understood as both a manifestation and a confirmation of its author's personal identity.
Despite its serious themes and message that multiculturalism may not be the answer to the world's or any individual's personal woes, Desai's descriptions and her humor make this intensely dense novel of national and personal identity fascinating.
The Courage Code reveals how women are culturally trained to serve in a submissive role of pleasing others, and the pitfalls that can occur when the desire to please overwhelms personal identity and needs.
Much of the increase can be attributed to a practice known as "phishing," which finds crooks stealing consumers' personal identity data and financial account credentials through "spoofed" e-mails that lead unknowing users to counterfeit Websites of "hijacked" brands.
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