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the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity

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Ways to monitor personal identity theft and possible solutions to reduce the risk of data breach
It is the DoD s Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 authorized personal identity verification cards.
Those looking for a grand overarching thesis on the topic of the history of self-consciousness and personal identity, however, will be disappointed.
Consciousness and personal identity are at the intersection of various sub-fields such as theology, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, and law.
In bioethics, much of the discussion has had to do with telling persons (beings with personal identity and moral value) apart from nonpersons (beings without personal identity and hence with less or no moral value).
The system, implemented at Ukio, is the first commercial decision for which an electronic signature certificate in a Personal Identity Card will be used.
While philosophers have long confronted issues of personal identity and neuroscientists and medical clinicians have also confronted questions of identity in the care of patients with brain disorders and injuries, there has been little dialogue between the two groups.
As literary scholars, of course, we strenuously deny that any such veneration of personal identity informs our view of our discipline.
Much of the increase can be attributed to a practice known as "phishing," which finds crooks stealing consumers' personal identity data and financial account credentials through "spoofed" e-mails that lead unknowing users to counterfeit Websites of "hijacked" brands.
Because ASABE cares about you--and members of your family--we have partnered with LifeLock to protect your personal identity from the fastest growing crime in America.
OTC: MBCTF) provides leading edge user-friendly solutions for Personal Identity Verification (PIV).
Consequently, the inclusion of Attachment theory and Object Relations theory in this review provides a new bridge between psychology and educational psychology, since these theories address the psychodynamics involved in the development of student trust and its importance within personal identity development, and ultimately, academic achievement, learning and Success.
It also focuses on the implications of ontological commitments for the conception of a person and the nature of personal identity, the implication of the conceptions of a person for the idea of a chosen destiny, human agency, causation, and responsibility.
The poem deals with Umayam's search for personal identity while caught between American and Filipino cultures.
Changes in personal identity might produce self-imposed social isolation.
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