personal identification number

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a number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts

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Using voice-response technology, employees interested in participating provide their Social Security number and personal identification number.
Data exodus via theft of a personal identification number can be prevented.
The most important developments included an expanded electronic payment option and personal identification number (PIN) pilots.
Within seconds after receiving a personal identification number (PIN), an interpreter can be on the phone helping language learners practice their language skills.
Saladino said fraud-prevention measures include a server in the county's data center that is protected by firewalls and a requirement for taxpayers to enter a personal identification number (PIN) that appears on the tax bill.
To ensure access only to approved substitutes, each is assigned a personal identification number.
Instead, a self-selected, five-digit personal identification number (PIN), together with two "shared secrets" (tax liability and prior-year adjusted gross income) and the taxpayer's name and Social Security number, will constitute a valid signature.
Also, when standing in check-out or ATM lines be cognizant of others behind you who may be trying to catch a glimpse of your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
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