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Sadly he did not although his personal estate is situated just over the border.
In the wings was Joseph Desire Mobutu who would soon assume office and rule Congo (renamed Zaire) like a personal estate kept for himself and his Western backers.
However, if there is a prospect of having wills in more than one jurisdiction there is an alternative: with careful planning, assets can be restructured so they are excluded from your personal estate and pass outside your will, avoiding the whole probate process, and allowing you to continue to retain control of and enjoy the benefit of those assets throughout your life.
Also, the company mentioned that the 10b5-1 trading plans were put in place to implement personal estate, tax and charitable giving plans.
Lashing out at Nawaz Sharif, Memon said PML-N chief elicited money from Osama bin Laden in the first era of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, adding Sharif brothers took Punjab as their personal estate.
Generally, these are handled with an estate plan for all involved and a collective agreement that is consistent with the personal estate plan.
8 million pounds now, to his wife Clementine in 1965 and founder of penicillin Alexander Fleming left a personal estate worth over 630,000 pounds today to son Robert in 1955.
Doran, an attorney with more than 27 years of experience, has opened a Bellingham law practice specializing in personal estate planning and administration.
Ben Ali's security background enabled him to rule Tunisia as his personal estate,.
He said one of the reasons doctors stayed in South Africa was that they could currently practise relatively unhindered in the knowledge that they had appropriate indemnity in place to protect their personal estate.
By contrast Darwin, the naturalist who set out the theory of evolution in The Origin Of Species, left a personal estate worth pounds 146,911 (around pounds 13m today) at his death in 1882.
The CG also informed Islamabad police that Haque left a will nominating his business partner, Brian Lee, as sole executor and sole beneficiary of his personal estate.
Recovery could then be sought directly against the estate since "it would be absurd to require them to seek satisfaction of their judgment first out of Cook's personal estate when he is immediately entitled to recoup his loss from the trust estate.
It seems like the people who need to address their personal estate planning the most are usually the ones who are least likely to do it.
A grant of probate was made to release his personal estate of pounds 455,990, which was reduced after liabilities to pounds 377,548.
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