personal equation

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variability attributable to individual differences

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Speaking on the occasion the 40-year old actress said, "Charity is a very personal equation, like we say charity begins at home.
Fully automated system for astronomical coordinates determination make possible to eliminate personal equation, shorten time needed to process data and make the method more reliable.
He called this the personal equation, and later astronomers determined that the differences are produced by psycho-physiological variables such as visual acuity, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination.
Brown-Collins and Sussewell point out that every black woman has her own personal equation between the Afro and the Euro referents.
I don't have any personal equation with her though," he added.
Their personal equation as romantic partners aside, any pair is likely to go through such a phase because Jagga Jasoos is easily one of Bollywood's most laborious films to have been made.
The BJP is confident, though, that Jayalalith will be onboard considering her personal equation with Narendra Modi.
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