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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Computerization also cannot account for any other part of the general rise in inequality that begins in 1970--more than a decade before personal computers reached American desktops.
In the process, the multimedia personal computer will become as much a communications device as a calculator or typewriter, and we will begin to use the Web for research, education, and teleconferencing.
This, he claims, represents Gates'--and thereby the personal computer industry's--adolescence and arrogance.
The Natural Access System is now implemented and running on microcomputers such as the IBM Personal Computer AT with 640 kilobytes of internal memory.
Microsoft's next version of its operating system, Windows 98, promises to completely integrate Explorer into the operating system, forcing Netscape Communication's Navigator off the desktop of millions of personal computers.
Xerox may have fumbled the future, but its fumble also provided the opportunity for fast-moving new competitors to race ahead and make the personal computer as ubiquitous in the workplace as--well, a Xerox machine.
To give a worker a personal computer, he says, is to invite trouble.
Lenovo personal computers will be featured courtside at the Official Scorer's Table and will record more than 250,000 points, 130,000 rebounds and more than 50,000 assists each season.
In 1977, Apple Computer produced the Apple II, the first commercially successful personal computer.
Contending that high performance, not low price, should be the priority, Microsoft will describe its vision Monday: a device that might represent a grand fusion between the Internet and the electric appliances that now populate the American home, including the television, stereo, videocassette recorder and personal computer.
The personal computer category also experienced significant gains in perceived quality, primarily due to improved service levels.
The year-end tallies, reported Monday by Dataquest, a computer market-research firm in San Jose, showed that worldwide, personal computer sales grew nearly 25 percent, to 59.
Pricing on PC Laptops' entry-level Nano personal computer starts at under $1,000.
Under terms of its "Totally Awesome Customer Support Program," PC Laptops will deliver "no questions asked" free lifetime labor and support on any Totally Awesome-brand personal computer.
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