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a check drawn against funds deposited in your personal checking account

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Clr Lyons said the group were pounds 110 short of reaching their pounds 10,000 target and generous ex-serviceman Captain Bernard Brook wrote out a personal cheque to make up the amount.
Although our group is not political and never has been,we do have to thank Cllr Joe Anderson, Labour Group Leader for compering the evening, Alan Johnson for his personal cheque and also PeterKilfoyle for his donation.
Up to five winning teams will be presented with a personal cheque for e1/450,000 from Haji-Ioannou, who will review applications personally.
Speaking yesterday on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, the multi-millionaire Jersey-based businessman said there could not have been any doubt his contribution of pounds 950 was in the form of a personal cheque attached to a letter from his home address in the Channel Islands.
The payment options are via telephone using Visa/Mastercard, mailing a personal cheque or in person at a customs office.
Walkinshaw signed a personal cheque for a cool pounds 3million to pay engine suppliers Cosworth and ensure his team made it on to the grid for today's British Grand Prix.
He wrote out a personal cheque for pounds 5000 for Ben's charity.
OFF Line Instruments --Select OFF Line Instruments Direct Credit Demand Draft FDR Bankers Cheque Bank Guarantee ACG-67 Reciepts As Per Tender Document Not Applicable Personal Cheque RTGS ECS NEFT
To reward Bob's enthusiasm and dedication, Old Pulteney has presented him with a bottle of its award-winning 21-year-old single malt, a personalised decanter and a PS1,000 personal cheque.
Question 3 - Questioner asks: I have got a personal cheque from my employer and the cheque amount is my end of service dues; the bank has refused to pay the cheque amount on the basis that the cheque had been issued more than six months ago, the bank asked me to refer to the cheque's owner.
According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the troubled Disney star has written a personal cheque to aid those affected by the 9.
Although our group is not political, we do have to thank councillor Joe Anderson, Labour group leader for compering the evening, Alan Johnson for his personal cheque and also Peter Kilfoyle for his donation.
We might as well have written out a personal cheque to Sir Philip himself, and it would have saved a lot of queuing.
Apprentices' title winner Stephen Donohoe picked up a personal cheque for pounds 500 as well as his trophy, while a winner at Lingfield on Saturday was enough to edge Adam Kirby ahead of James Doyle in the race to finish second to Donohoe and collect a personal cheque for pounds 250.
Business transactions, from a personal cheque to a house-purchase contract, are sealed with a signature on paper.
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