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a check drawn against funds deposited in your personal checking account

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Because of the credit union's small size, it relied on larger banks to hold the deposits of members and to negotiate and pay personal checks and money orders.
1, 2010, eliminates the requirement to place the SSN on the DD Form 504 and the requirement to have SSNs on personal checks.
TERC has found that the policy of stores refusing to accept personal checks has only in areas with a predominantly African American clientele or customer base.
When individuals present a personal check at the point-of-sale, companies could require the customer to provide a PIN prior to the completion of the financial transaction.
It's another way for us to demonstrate our dedication to the personal check market and deliver on our long-term leadership in the category.
The letter is accompanied by a fraudulent check in the name of The Clorox Company to cover lottery fees that the consumer is instructed to pay by mailing the organization a personal check in order to obtain their winnings.
com, I was able to cut my personal check costs by more than 30% and haven't had a single issue.
You can make a difference by simply filling out the attached coupon and mailing your personal check to the AICPA.
For example, he always takes precautions against bad checks, a smart move since about 37% of his company's transactions are done by personal check.
Natoli signed the contract and delivered it, together with her personal check in the amount of the required downpayment.
The personal check is still one of most common forms of non-cash payment, and it's especially prevalent in the residential services market," said Tim D.
City Controller Laura Chick wrote a $4,500 personal check on Friday to the city Ethics Commission to resolve an audit showing that amount of excess contributions to her 2001 campaign.
A personal check is also a good source for address information, although it cannot be used for verifying an applicant's identity.
Consumers are concerned about the possibility of their paper checks and credit card numbers being stored in a service vehicle until it returns to the main office, and are often uncomfortable allowing their credit card numbers and personal check information to leave their sight.
Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick wrote a personal check Monday for $1,000 to repay a campaign contribution from the controversial Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
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