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a check drawn against funds deposited in your personal checking account

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Check It Out markets its custom printed personal checks through free-standing inserts.
Kindergarten through third-grade students will be given "Bulldog Bucks" while fourth- and fifth-grade students will use "NationsBank Learning Bank" personal checks to purchase supplies and donated merchandise from the school store.
1, 2010, eliminates the requirement to place the SSN on the DD Form 504 and the requirement to have SSNs on personal checks.
Members who are interested in contributing to the PAC can either use the check-off on the upcoming dues bill; fax credit card information, including expiration date, to AICPA Cashier at 201/938-3466; or mail a personal check made payable to AICPA PAC to AICPA Cashier, Harborside Financial Center, 201 Plaza Three, Jersey City, NJ 07311-3881.
He later purchased the cartridge with a personal check at a nearby Office Max without a problem.
Authentication can help verify the identity of the individual processing the access device (credit or debit card) or personal check.
Cash, money orders and other forms of payment (such as credit card or personal check) may be accepted in connection with in-person requests, while certified checks, money orders, personal checks or credit cards may be accepted in connection with written requests.
You can do this by wire transfer or by mailing a money order or a certified, cashier's or personal check.
Consumer Products to bring classic cartoons and new characters to its personal check customers.
When you pay your AICPA dues this year, remember to include a personal check to the ELC.
The letter is accompanied by a fraudulent check in the name of The Clorox Company to cover lottery fees that the consumer is instructed to pay by mailing the organization a personal check in order to obtain their winnings.
com, I was able to cut my personal check costs by more than 30% and haven't had a single issue.
City Controller Laura Chick wrote a $4,500 personal check on Friday to the city Ethics Commission to resolve an audit showing that amount of excess contributions to her 2001 campaign.
You can make a difference by simply filling out the attached coupon and mailing your personal check to the AICPA.
For example, he always takes precautions against bad checks, a smart move since about 37% of his company's transactions are done by personal check.
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