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These will include allowing investment in residential property and so-called personal chattels such as art, antiques, vintage cars and fine wine.
She wrote: "I would like you to divide, at your discretion, my personal chattels between my sons and my godchildren, in the division three-quarters of value to my sons and one quarter to my godchildren.
Where the deceased is survived by a spouse and the children then the surviving husband or wife will only receive the deceased's personal chattels and the first pounds 125,000 of the assets held in the deceased's sole.
Mr and Mrs Da Rocha brought a claim for conversion of their personal chattels in the Central London County Court.
Notable examples in this regard are residential property and personal chattels such as art and antiques.
He will also take the personal chattels (such as household goods, cars, jewellery and so on) plus a fixed sum of pounds 125,000 and a life interest in half of any money remaining.
Under the new law, if the deceased had no children their civil partner would receive their personal chattels, the first pounds 200,000 of the estate and half of any residue over that amount.
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