persona non grata

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Persona non grata es un testimonio autobiografico, una pagina de historia, el fragmento de un diario intimo, pero tambien pasa por ser una novela.
Deputies had elevated Downer to public enemy number one because of his reference to the "Greek Cypriot presidency", in the aftermath of Greentree, denounced his, supposedly, pro-Turkish stance and planned to declare him persona non grata.
Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry explained that the decision for declaring al-Furis a persona non grata had not been taken as a result of him siding with the rebels from Benghazi.
The British side took an unfriendly step the other day, having groundlessly declared one of our colleagues in our embassy in London persona non grata," Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.
Sok Phal alleged the recipient of the information was Kamrob Palawatwichai, the first secretary of the Thai Embassy, whom the Cambodian Foreign Ministry declared persona non grata on Thursday and ordered out of the country.
Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Fiji's acting high commissioner in Canberra was declared persona non grata and was told to leave Australia within 24 hours.
It added that Lieberman had been declared persona non grata in Egypt because of his previous remarks about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and "his failure to apologize.
That might make me persona non grata to many readers of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, but what I have found is that there can be an amazing meeting of the minds when it comes to sustainable, simple and healthy living.
Bush persona non grata and sue him for "war crimes" against their peoples.
Therefore I would have thought John Turner would have been persona non grata as far as smiling beside an archbishop is concerned.
A mi me dicen que estoy vetado de la federacion, que soy persona non grata.
When Delgadillo broke the news to the council that the measure -- packaged with some bogus ethics reforms so as to deceive the voters -- was illegal, he became persona non grata.
That makes you persona non grata at the White House,' said Reagan.
According to the Russian foreign ministry, the two Swedish diplomats had been declared persona non grata for "activities damaging to the interests of Russian state security".
At times he was persona non grata to the authorities in a number of countries; it did not help that he was more often than not right.