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a time unit used in industry for measuring work

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Analysis of our own experiences in running e-Science experiences in semi-realistic contexts indicates they involved a significant amount of 'hidden work': conservatively, we have estimated 183 person hours to re-run the same session 5 times (G&T) and 249 person hours to run a series of 8 sessions (SENSE).
During the implementation phase, activities supporting care management accounted for the most person hours for both technical experts (56 percent for the PDSA cycle subphase and 59 percent for the routine care subphase) and clinical (70 percent for the PDSA cycle subphase and 71 percent for the routine care subphase) participants.
A GROUP of Asians were spotted in a silver Mercedes with a white person hours after Kriss Donald was abducted, a court heard.
Falchikov and Magin's (1997) reviewed studies demonstrating that students' gender can be revealed from their style of handwriting and Hanrahan and Isaac (2001) reported more than 40 person hours for documentation work in classes with 244 students to manage an anonymous peer feedback distribution.
When at Mersey Television I used to wonder how many person hours, days, months or years we were losing through people trying to figure out what the world's most widely used word processing software was actually doing to the formatting.
Teams of 8 to 11 employees worked an average of 600 person hours on each analysis.
These volunteers have contributed more than ten million person hours to essential fieldwork and have worked with field researchers around the world to address problems ranging from public health to declining biodiversity.
At least 10 to 15 person hours are spent reading and evaluating each proposal and the four papers that applicants are asked to contribute.
For example, Semke said that in 2003, MetLife spent 60,000 person hours in implementing SOX compliance.
Of the seven passengers who sat within two rows of patient A, SARS developed in one (patient B, seat 25K), which accounted for an incidence density rate of 1 per 100 person hours of exposure (1/98 hours; 95% CI 0.
28 announced that the employees of its El Mochito Mine located in Honduras recently set a new safety record having worked 1,175,051 person hours without experiencing a lost-time accident.
4 billion person hours of delay annually in the 68 urban areas it studied.
I understand that more than 3 million person hours went into the construction of LP-7," says Community Advisory Panel Chair Eric Jerrard.
In that attack, hard-line security forces stormed the dorm and killed one person hours after students rallied against the banning of a liberal newspaper.
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