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Synonyms for person


in person: personally

in person: in the flesh

Synonyms for person

Synonyms for person

a human being

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a grammatical category used in the classification of pronouns, possessive determiners, and verb forms according to whether they indicate the speaker, the addressee, or a third party

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These sources have substantial limitations: investigations often used different methods, involved small numbers of persons, and reflected the behavior of influenza A and B viruses in seasonal rather than pandemic settings (the level of preexisting immunity in populations is substantially higher in seasonal epidemics).
If I forgave this person, they'd think that what they did was okay, and they'd do it again.
People a person already knows but may not think of as job contacts are sometimes the ones who know of a job opportunity.
For new business applicants, any adverse action notices should include a clear explanation for the declination of coverage, along with a statement that the person should contact OFAC directly for further information.
However, Congress realized that tax advisers were often failing to properly allocate the GST exemption to trusts ultimately intended to benefit skip persons.
check] Person becomes aggressive and/or paranoid, suffering from hallucinations and delusions.
Named eye aRe units--a takeoff on the abbreviation for infrared--the devices can monitor such eye characteristics as the rate at which a person blinks.
The implied first-person speakers address God in the second person (You) and invoke blessing upon God.
The third person is the most popular commercial viewpoint.
Similar to the example of the firearm purchaser at the beginning of this article; some wanted person serve time in jail for a minor offense and get released without the discovery of their wanted status in another jurisdiction for a more serious crime.
Person says the most vulnerable are private companies in the $10 million to $30 million range because they are large enough to lose substantial sums but often not yet big enough for adequate finance departments.
A person leaving only a codicil implicitly acknowledges intestate succession for all belongings that are not left to legatees.
Person enlisted everyday, household objects in his totalizing approach.
On your cue, the center person introduces himself to a person in the circle and asks the person's name.