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Synonyms for persnickety

Synonyms for persnickety

(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details


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My Little Jules boutique has the best selection of Christmas dresses for girls as well as kids holiday outfits from boutique girls clothing brands like Persnickety Clothing, Mustard Pie, Tutu Du Monde, Ooh La La Couture and many more.
You might think the persnickety rules of writing a Shakespearean sonnet, say, or a rondeau in iambic tetrameter, would be stifling.
The race to provide the perfect tablet has turned from just a handful of competitors to a full blown infestation, with various dimensions, builds and flappy covers to suit the persnickety among us.
For those of you persnickety types who want to craft little brass-and-lead jewels, the Sonic Cleaner 2L offers performance to warm your hearts.
Kenzington's Kloset offers infant and children's high-end fashion apparel and exclusive accessories including chic boutique brands such as Persnickety and Haute Baby, as well as new lines from Hawaii and Australia.
The loop featured a mix of Mars-themed films, such as Space Camp, 2012--detailing the calisthenic and other preparations undertaken for the mission by the large cast of collaborators and helpers drafted into the project--and more general introductions to the Sachsian weltanschauung, including Ten Bullets, 2010, the most celebrated in a series of kaleidoscopically persnickety short movies that the artist has been releasing in recent years.
Humanizing of animals is accomplished by descriptions of their clothing, and how some of the animals are so persnickety about their appearance.
He wasn't always right, but his persnickety sensibilities would force the product to be endlessly scrutinized before its release, whether it was hardware, software, or even advertising.
The author's persnickety definitional hairsplitting reveals why the origins argument matters: the winner defines the movement.
Now penniless and less persnickety the once highfalutin, urbane swaggerer looked up and replied winsomely: Do I look like I give a damn?
Can you imagine persnickety EPA officials being magnanimous to a company that tried to duck the consequences of its actions by claiming that it had only violated "process and procedure"?
Besides sheer check and other transaction volume, there are far more complicated loan instruments, analysis needs, risk and credit scoring and regulatory requirements than the already persnickety demands of compliantly serving individual members.
We symbolically connected with the human fields of each other, and together we joined and shared the field with the patient and her family, and with the still persnickety doctor.
Pointing this out may be persnickety, but, as we lawyers know all too well, words matter.