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Revision of inflation targets Above target inflation outcomes and persistingly high inflation expectations undermined the anchoring role of the official inflation target.
According to this study the policy framework has fallen short of more reform-minded countries in two main areas: i) persistingly high labour tax wedges, which were substantially reduced in other high wedge countries; and ii) slow product market reforms which hindered output growth and labour demand in highly regulated sectors.
99) In the Angolar fables the tortoise persistingly offers his services to the king (AN ale) in order to solve a problem, this despite the king's rejection.
Hossler, a certified trainer (who is currently president-elect of the 6,000-member Eastern Athletic Trainers Association) kept his peace, but continued to patiently and persistingly lobby for a new training room.
These efforts included persistingly large investments in new equipment, rationalization of business organizations, and training or retraining existing workers for more demanding or new tasks.