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Synonyms for persist

Synonyms for persist

to take and maintain a stand obstinately

to continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks

to exist in spite of adversity

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

Synonyms for persist

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2 : to last on and on : continue to exist or occur <Rain persisted for days.
Blood and sputum specimens were negative for bacteria; HIV antibody test results were negative, but the fever persisted.
This pattern of DNA migration persisted 24 hr after noise exposure, suggesting the absence of recovery (Figure 3).
Moffatt's work from Nice Coloured Girls, 1987, to Scarred for Life II, 1999, often looks as if it should be understood through the culture of redemption and as the experience of a very contemporary Aboriginality--of indigenous families forcibly separated by racist social policies that persisted well into the '60s, affecting the Stolen Generation to this day.
It persisted for about a year until a particularly damaging night of violence caused it to fold.
These changes in behavior persisted after the female rats, all of whose ovaries had been surgically removed, stopped receiving estrogen.
Even in their 1-month-old mice, more than 70 percent of dendritic spines persisted for more than a month.
Second, devotion to Saint Jude has persisted over centuries despite the fact that so little is known about his life.
So long as a high degree of optimism in the stock market persisted, however, the elevated level of financial wealth and the low cost of capital should continue to boost spending.
It was such a big deal at the time that when the legislation seemed stymied for a few days, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned that "we will have spoiled the next century" if the impasse persisted.
At the same time, pressure on prices from the high price of gasoline persisted and in some cases increased.
Despite cefepime treatment, the patient's fever persisted for 36 hours, which prompted a change to imipenem (500 mg every 6 h) and vancomycin (1 g every 12 h).
In Ford and Taylor's (1982) description of the natural history of egg allergy, 44% of egg-allergic children were able to reintroduce egg products into their diet by school age, but the remaining 56% persisted with egg allergy.
The bleak landscape, what some paleontologists call a dead zone, persisted for well over 3 million years.
That inefficient milk standards have persisted in California for one-third of a century, despite their anti-consumer effects, is dramatic testimony to whose interests have been most important in Sacramento.