persist in

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do something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop

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It and 13 other states persist in providing a delivery service for impostors the way homeowners keep hiding their keys under the doormat after the crime rate has shot up.
Since most Americans don't know what the commandments say, it's not surprising that many of them persist in believing that the Decalogue is the basis for U.
Computer companies that offer systems with enhanced security find few customers, and users persist in ignoring basic precautions.
Despite the inception of new insurance players in Costa Rica in the recent past, INS' market dominance and strong franchise remains unchanged, a trend that should persist in the short and medium term.
The opening of the insurance market in the country since mid-2008 allows new players to participate, which may result in some competition for INS, but its market dominance is expected to persist in the medium term while new players start their operations.