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Synonyms for persist

Synonyms for persist

to take and maintain a stand obstinately

to continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks

to exist in spite of adversity

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

Synonyms for persist

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The goal of this study was to assess the importance of sense of belonging and motivation in predicting intention to persist in college and retention of students from their first to second year.
The available data again suggest that histopathologic changes are seen early in disease, even in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic individuals, and persist years after removal from exposure.
Thus, the pathogen can persist in the target host ([H.
As a result, the UK pensions regulator is insisting that, as long as underfunding persists, pension plan trustees act as unsecured creditors in negotiating funding with their sponsoring employers.
Pay attention to those desires that persist, month after month, year after year.
The fourth and final group consists of bishops who disagree with group one's interpretation of Canon 905, specifically the clause "obstinately persist in manifestly grave sin.
Spending in these markets is in an uptrend that will likely persist for the foreseeable future.
And the United States can count on Asian nations to persist in these patterns for some time to come.
The purchase of Persist - for an undisclosed sum - is about Information Lifecycle Management, compliance with data retention regulations, and Persist's grid-like storage array.
The child is more likely to persist in the face of failure and to select challenging tasks.
These purplish-brown pods persist until mid-January when they finally drop.
We know from other studies that sensitization to cocaine results in structural changes in the brain that persist for some time," Becker indicates.
Persist was tested under the experimental designation TN-OG-SYN-2.
For policy-makers to persist in pretending otherwise--to persist in myths of American innocence or fantasies about unlocking the secrets of history--is to increase the likelihood that the answers they come up with will be wrong.
However, the slowdown is not likely to persist into the second quarter of the year.