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Set in the Pacific during World War II, The Persimmon Tree is a love story, an adventure tale, a war saga, and a novel of courage and survival.
Persimmon trees can pump out a lot of fruit in November, especially when they're mature.
In Japan, our upstairs window looked out onto a gorgeous mature persimmon tree.
Over a tea party, I read my daughter the description in the cookbook about her great-great-grandmother's persimmon tree.
The botanical name for the persimmon tree (Diospyros) comes from a Greek word that means "food from the gods.
2007, her work appeared in 5AM, Persimmon Tree, White Ink, Bridges,
Persimmon Tree, 1534 Campus Drive, Berkeley, CA 94708; email: editor@persimmontree.
The type of persimmon tree I found is officially known as Diospyrus virginiana, or native persimmon.
as skulls, and one persimmon tree which did nothing
The persimmon tree is generally small to medium in size, which limits its uses.
Suzanne Fisher Staples' Under The Persimmon Tree (0374380252, $17.
It also includes a splinter of a persimmon tree which stood within the cathedral close and was otherwise completely destroyed.