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light teasing

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With the exception of the Cello Sonata, virtuously alternating lyricism with the sarcasm and persiflage of the late second cello concerto, all the recordings have been released by Supraphon for the very first time.
It was a mirror of petit bourgeois behavior, but more as a kind of persiflage than an attack.
Interpretes par Sanhouri Makram et Mounir Ammari, aides dans une figuration intelligente par Walid Daghesni, les differents courants qui s'affrontent pour definir un modele de gouvernance dans la Tunisie d'aujourd'hui, sont passes en revue dans le persiflage et la derision.
First, the persiflage -- Robert wanted to start a "Letters to the Editor" column to discuss local politics.
As you may have guessed, all this persiflage is leading up to another non-Olympic event: the stroll.
Le persiflage est un ethos complexe dont la discussion depasse le cadre present: je ne m'arreterai ici que sur son sens le plus repandu, a savoir, celui de << rendre quelqu'un instrument et victime de la plaisanterie par les choses qu'on lui fait dire ingenument (50) >>.
Why do we have to battle through this persiflage of jargon?
37) Moreover, of the examples I have examined, three provide clear evidence of the use of parody, travesty or persiflage.
He dismissed it curtly, with a wave of his hand, saying "harmless persiflage, harmless persiflage.
To such persiflage, Emile Zola's measured response seems apropos: "The fate of animals," he wrote, "is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous.
Bramble's patronizing persiflage regarding Lydia's temperament and education is no more than a mixture of "laughter and denial.
Moore, however, subverts the Framers' purpose of preserving a constitutional right of personal security while offering only statist persiflage in its stead.
He took the equality clause that so excited Jaffa as little more than persiflage.
It's overstating to call it persiflage because it isn't that.
In the course of my active, vigorous, long and happy lifetime, a number of human females, several of whom were perspicacious and not given to persiflage, have commented on my marriageable qualifications, either pre- or post-nuptial.