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Synonyms for perseveration

the tendency for a memory or idea to persist or recur without any apparent stimulus for it

the act of persisting or persevering

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Inability to inhibit internal representations of incorrect responses contributes to WCST poor performance, resulting in difficulty in changing strategies and perseveration errors (Vendrell et al.
In this respect, in one of the first studies of the effects of MPH on flexibility of thinking in hyperactive children, Dyme, Sahakian, Golinko and Rabe (1982) found an increase in errors in perseveration with high doses of 1.
To clarify concerns, I am careful in my book not to make any FASD diagnoses, taking great care to investigate the evidence of prenatal exposure to alcohol and behavioral characteristics (including perseveration, a trait seen when shooters perseverate or "plan" the event).
Georgopoulos, "Varied duration of congenital hypothyroidism potentiates perseveration in a response alternation discrimination task," Neuroscience Research, vol.
WCST is a card sorting test for the detection of perseveration and mental rigidity, and the evaluation of abstraction in healthy subjects.
We have prepared and sent PC-1 to the office of treasurer and registrar of the university, for the allocation of funds for the perseveration the these important and ancient manuscripts, Mr.
Behavioral changes could be frequently observed in the context of ALS, including perseveration, apathy, disinhibition, and so on.
Perseveration in a guessing task by laying hens selected for high or low levels of feather pecking does not support classification of feather pecking as a stereotypy.
WCST WCST categories perseveration Length of homelessness -0.
Challenging behaviors after acquired brain impainnent have been defined as spanning verbal or physical aggression, sexually inappropriate behavior, wandering/absconding, perseveration (repetitive behaviors), socially inappropriate behavior (including illegal behaviors, noncompliant behaviors), and adynamia (lack of initiation; Sabaz et al.
La reussite de ce modele lui a valu une reconnaissance qui depasse les frontieres du Royaume, dans la mesure ou de nombreux pays, notamment africains, veulent s'en inspirer, a releve le ministre, estimant que le [beaucoup moins que]meilleur rempart contre l'extremisme est la perseveration dans la voie democratique moderniste et la complementarite entre les differentes composantes de la societe[beaucoup plus grand que].
Psychologists define perseveration as repetitive behavior that interferes with learning.
These six scales have been distinguished as follows: briskness (BR) and perseveration (PE), as dimensions referring to the temporal characteristics of behavior (TCB), and sensory sensitivity (SS), endurance (EN), emotional reactivity (ER) and activity (AC), as traits representing the energetic characteristics of behavior (ECB).
Executive functioning in hyperactive children as young adults: Attention, inhibition, response Perseveration, and the impact of comor bidity.