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psychology: repeat a response after the cessation of the original stimulus

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They have trouble seeing the future and perseverate on a task without seeing the bigger picture, and [.
This means that the TBI participants may perseverate even if they are aware that their current actions are no longer appropriate.
Researchers have reported that students with ADHD often perseverate and make perseverative errors (Reid et al.
For instance, children with 'shift' difficulties, who have a tendency to perseverate, are helped to change from one activity or environment to another by the systematic application of ending rituals.
Our mind tends to perseverate, to get stuck on that which we don't understand, making it more difficult to focus on a celebration of a person's life.
Some characteristics of individuals with social processing problems are difficulties establishing and maintaining relationships; violating personal space and failure to maintain eye contact; problems paying attention; labeling nonverbal information incorrectly and inserting additional information; failure to predict consequences; and tendency to select poor choices or perseverate with poor choices (22).
low muscle tone), mild cognitive and motor delays, severe speech delay, poor social relatedness, and a tendency to perseverate.