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Synonyms for perplexity

Synonyms for perplexity

anything that arouses curiosity or perplexes because it is unexplained, inexplicable, or secret

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At the moment, it's merely a suggestion and unlikely to happen, but the debate is interesting and contributes to the perplexity of platforms.
They have exerted an effort to see Egypt out of the narrow tunnel," he said, adding that challenges remain, including security issues, economic pressures, and political perplexity.
At its best, this idiosyncratic drama on India's Partition and a father's obsession with having a son delivers such distinctive storytelling that open-minded audiences are likely to accept a certain degree of perplexity while appreciating the ways sophomore helmet Anup Singh conveys his potent message.
One brave author follows this tortured soul in a work of astounding complexity and perplexity.
It acts through subtraction, creating a space of perplexity that may be archived, reformatted, and structured to create new content.
Sir George replied: "I understand the perplexity of my Honourable Friend's constituents.
The impetus for writing this book came from my own perplexity at Vincent's status in histories of French art," states Mansfield (art history, New York U.
The Syrian aggression against Lebanese fishermen reflects a state of perplexity from which the Syrian regime is lately suffering," Jisr said, assuring that releasing the kidnapped was 'good but not enough', as it was necessary to file complaints, through diplomatic channels.
His political compatriot Nye Bevan feet firmly grounded leans intently forward, seemingly still in a state of silent stolid perplexity about the future of the National Health, looks towards Cardiff Castle historical seat of privilege, in resolute resignation.
But the greatest perplexity may be in Turkey, where the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided awhile back to pay more attention to relations with its Muslim neighbors than with Europe.
Perhaps that explains why the uncultured majority view Turner Prize winning pieces such as an unmade bed, a pickled cow and a pile of bricks with such perplexity.
My pen is confused in analysing this issue and the perplexity is killing me in this scenario: Let's suppose that I am working in a company handling managerial position where I am the decision maker to employ.
But the perplexity among philosophers about how sand and other elements became glass was a factor in the belief in the transmutation of metals, including lead into gold.
The Persian Gulf littoral states are experiencing perplexity and confusion because they have not regulated their security ties with Iran," he added.
The keeper of the North Lodge at Cardiff Castle, to whose care the raccoon has been given, was in some perplexity as to the sort of food to be provided for it, but supplied it with the remains of one of Lord Bute's beautiful Norwegian ducks which had been killed by a cat.