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Synonyms for perplexing

Synonyms for perplexing

lacking clarity of meaning

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What is perplexing is that the Iranians domestically are hardly in a position to withstand either a) a cut-off of their oil exports, or b) economic sanctions by the international community in the event, as seems likely, this crisis escalates.
provides an introduction to the complex, but fascinating, world of data mining in his article, "Mining for Information Gold" RIM professionals can aid their businesses by using data mining to reveal nuggets of information that can help their companies increase profits, find new avenues of revenue, or arrive at solutions for a perplexing problem.
25% perpetuating what Allan Greenspan has called a "conundrum," the perplexing phenomenon where the Treasury has resiliently remained low despite rising rates.
When he didn't, the ballet veered off into out-of-context, perplexing choreography, most notably when a group of adolescents performed a sequence of academic ballet steps en pointe.
For oysters in 28[degrees]C water, the cadmium didn't increase oxygen use, which Lannig initially found perplexing.
Panter's book, Jimbo in Purgatory (Fantagraphics, 2004) provides a helpful, if ironically didactic, context for his deliberately gauche and perplexing paintings.
Written by the Grote Professor of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic at University College London, Ted Honderich, On Consciousness strives to answer the perplexing dilemma: what exactly is consciousness, and what does it mean?
95), May Snow is a superbly crafted and reading engaging novel of friendship, love, and a perplexing murder mystery.
No wonder Peter Eisenman purportedly considered Ban a strange or perplexing student at New York's Cooper Union.
That Jimi, a black man, was viewed an iconoclastic rock god by established white music legends and white fans during his career hut seemed to escape similar deification by black audiences (even in death) is a perplexing modern irony that almost eludes any sensible explanation.
The ending is a bit perplexing, but thought provoking.
She took the opportunity to speak to demonstrate her unyielding support for Ontario's forest industry and to pose a perplexing question to northerners.
This is a complex, perplexing but crucial issue that the authors examine from an applied practice perspective.
Discovered more than 40 years ago, this perplexing phenomenon has been intensely studied in recent years, and has been incorporated in the new high sensitivity computer disk read heads that have enabled multiple-gigabyte hard disks.