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Synonyms for perplexedly

in a perplexed manner


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He drummed perplexedly on the desk with his fingers.
Long-Beard counted long and perplexedly on his fingers.
He was frowning perplexedly, and I drew a deep breath of relief, for the terrible thought that had flashed across my mind was this: that Dr.
The man scratched his head perplexedly and looked a few feet up the hill at the manzanita bush that marked approximately the apex of the "V.
Mr Verloc wriggled his shoulders slightly at this ominous symptom, and moving away from the table, stood with his back to the fireplace, his head on one side, and gnawing perplexedly at the tips of his fingers.
It might be so,' says Twemlow; 'but--' And perplexedly scratching his head, forgetful of the yolks of eggs, is the more discomfited by being reminded how stickey he is.
Excerpts from primary sources such as interviews, police reports, and rare documents enrich the methodical storytelling of one of the most widely-known yet perplexedly inexplicable paranormal events.