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Synonyms for perplexedly

in a perplexed manner


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Long-Beard counted long and perplexedly on his fingers.
Mr Verloc wriggled his shoulders slightly at this ominous symptom, and moving away from the table, stood with his back to the fireplace, his head on one side, and gnawing perplexedly at the tips of his fingers.
I am a great fool," said Agatha, sitting down and twisting her hands perplexedly.
The man scratched his head perplexedly and looked a few feet up the hill at the manzanita bush that marked approximately the apex of the "V.
Excerpts from primary sources such as interviews, police reports, and rare documents enrich the methodical storytelling of one of the most widely-known yet perplexedly inexplicable paranormal events.
In his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche tells us that after the famous wise man in his story rejected an old saint's offer to join him in worshipping God, he perplexedly exclaimed:
Flapping wings meant he was in the photocopier room, looking perplexedly at the machine.
Instead of almost perplexedly registering the sometimes ambiguous 'contributions' and adaptive presence of Jews within German life and analyzing their integration (or otherwise) into what are taken to be the pre-existent, static, normative structures of German 'liberalism," market society, 'socialism,' intellectual culture, and the like would have to be viewed dynamically, as negotiated constructions in which, at critical points, the role of the Jews (whether or not they identified as such) is conceived not simply as contributory but well-nigh co-constitutive (Aschheim 87).
With the scores in vitrines, one could judge the music here only by such criteria, making one seesaw perplexedly between seeking a "performative" visual analogue to the music and reveling in the poised otherness, the alienation, of the musical notes.