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the act of prolonging something

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I'd bet that even fewer agency principals than that actually have a succession or perpetuation plan in place.
1 The scope of this project is for Land Surveying services necessary for the perpetuation or re-establishment of United States Public Land Survey System (USPLSS) monuments and Meander / Witness corners and establish or perpetuate centers of sections in the following townships: Township 07 North, Range 08 East, (Town of Middleton) Sections 1 through 12, 17 through 20, and 29 through 32 All in Dane County, Wisconsin.
This perpetuation of negative, insidious racial and gender stereotypes influences how the U.
Most independent agency owners don't think about perpetuation as one of their avenues toward premium growth--but they should.
An estimated 55% to 60% of agents and brokers in the independent agent distribution channel of the property/casualty sector are not hiring enough producers to meet their growth and perpetuation goals.
The Kyrgyz State Circus was named after Abubakir Izibayev, the decision was taken on December 5 by the government commission for perpetuation of outstanding persons of Kyrgyzstan, the circus told AKIpress on Tuesday.
The YDA has demanded for immediate withdrawal of such orders saying the perpetuation of these orders will do only disservice to the nation.
Arts were and are a method of storytelling, ceremony, and perpetuation of Native culture and tradition.
Many principals view perpetuation not as a process but as an event, something they can accomplish in the next year or two.
The incomplete definition offered here is that a reality is the perpetuation of a pattern.
During the PIANY/NYIA Insurance Leadership Forum held in November, agent and company panelists discussed the need for strong partnerships; perpetuation plans; effective communication; and technology to develop solid and effective relationships that benefit agencies, companies and ultimately clients.
By consecrating privilege and wealth as the birthright of a small ruling class, the institution itself contributes to the perpetuation of poverty and lack of hope or genuine opportunity for many of our marginalised social groups.
Haniyeh recalled the Palestinian people's sufferance due to the Israeli obstinacy, the continuation of its attacks killing Palestinians and driving them to forced exile, and the perpetuation of its settlement-building policy.
For insurance agency owners, a well-conceived and properly executed perpetuation plan is a great mechanism for harvesting the value generated through their dedication and commitment to building their business.
The only likely result is resentment, anger, a widening of the gap between "them" and "us", and a perpetuation of the unemployment-poverty-crime cycle.