perpetual motion machine

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a machine that can continue to do work indefinitely without drawing energy from some external source

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Professor David Jones will reveal secret of his perpetual motion machine posthumously
When a particle is allowed to approach and reach r = 0, the ultimate perpetual motion machine is created which from the finite energy equivalence m[c.
A well known schema (Wikipedia, 2009) from the class perpetual motion machine of the first kind (it produces energy from nothing) is the "Overbalanced Wheel" (figure 1).
At places like the Yukon Sheet Metal Works, he began collecting scrap materials for his new obsession--a perpetual motion machine.
Unfortunately, Trey McIntyre's brand new Pretty Good Year (pretty good title, downhill from there) resembled nothing so much as a perpetual motion machine.
Suddenly, there is no puzzle, for Krone is a perpetual motion machine, a Catherine wheel firing off stimulating sparks, captivating those in her orbit, an animated object of affection and respect.
What was a pitifully underfunded program is now--thanks to the stare's unfortunate decision to impose a bed tax on nursing home revenue--a perpetual motion machine of ever higher reimbursements and ever higher taxes on patients who pay their own way.
Dwyer says writing a column was like being "on a perpetual motion machine for 15 years.
If you want to patent a perpetual motion machine, be sure you have a working model.
But this is a perpetual motion machine, and we have to pay more attention to the input.
Will these engineers now simply slather more asphalt on the fringes, a perpetual motion machine run amok?
The Peacemaker'' is an impressive perpetual motion machine.
Technology is not a self-starting perpetual motion machine that runs on human bodies.
For one thing, Coleman says, goats may well be the animal kingdom's version of a perpetual motion machine.
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