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Synonyms for perpendicularity

the relation of opposition between things at right angles

the quality of being at right angles to a given line or plane (especially the plane of the horizon)

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Our experience has shown many people do not understand the dimensional requirements with regard to a perpendicularity specification.
Edge perpendicularity is within [+ or -] 2 deg ([+ or -]1 deg with thin materials), in contrast to less than 1 deg with a laser system.
If the cylinder is perpendicular to the plane, the resulting TTRS belongs to the invariance class of rotational surfaces and corresponds to a perpendicularity tolerance.
The triple row connector also ensures more consistent pin to pin spacing and improved perpendicularity across the field of pins.
02 mm, the perpendicularity of the two end surfaces to the sample axis was less than 3.
Measuring tasks on shaft elements, for example, can include cylinder form, straightness, parallelism, roundness, perpendicularity, and total radial and axial runout.
Dhanabalan et al [10] studied the influence of process parameters on form tolerances such as cylindricity, circularity, perpendicularity, and parallelism.
Perelandra, where Ransom travels in the trilogy's second novel of the same name, also exhibits a geographic perpendicularity like Malacandra's that points upward along the vertical plane toward the divine.
Vector (cross) products assured coordinate axis perpendicularity, defining a Cartesian coordinate system.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in thirteen chapters devoted to basic engineering drawing definitions and practices, perspective and sectional views, geometric constructions, descriptive geometry, parallelism and perpendicularity, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
It believes more in perpendicularity, thirdness, and ego-loss than egocentric transitivity.
It is important to keep in mind that both end surfaces perpendicularity to the symmetry axis of the tube has a big influence on the final result.
However, it has several disadvantages: physical contact with the cornea; use of topical anaesthesia is required; accuracy is dependent on the perpendicularity of the probe's application to the cornea; and reproducibility relies on precise probe placement on the corneal centre.